Imagine a World Without Waste

Products that integrates design and science to provide enduring benefits for our society and future generations


Why Tinker & Play

Traditional design and manufacturing approaches are depleting earth’s natural resources while creating a tremendous amount of waste and pollution. These hazardous pollutants are hurting our planet and all that’s living in it. Join us and be the change agent to create a better world for our future generations.

How We Do It

By focusing on products that are currently generating a large amount of waste / hazardous pollution, we push the boundaries on all levels in material, design, and construction. The end result is a superior product and user experience that replenishes our resources and environment.

What we do

Currently, we are working on developing a compostable, washable coloring marker. Our mission is to greatly improve the journey and experience of self expression and creation wherever you are, however young or old you are; while eliminating all future discard of plastic markers.

The omnipresence of micro and nanoplastics found inside humans, animals, ocean life, and our atmosphere is a big problem that needs to be addressed.



is how long a marker will stay in landfill

>1.2 Billion


are discarded every year in America

< 10%

plastic materials

are actually recycled

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